Rural and Environmental Law

rural_750Our Dairy, Sheep and Beef farmers, and our horse breeders and trainers, together with the people and businesses that support them, are our community’s, and our, lifeblood.

Terry Magill, Paul Gascoigne and Eric Tanner can all apply their legal skills to the task at hand while wearing gumboots on their feet – (and often do, visiting clients on their own patch). All 3 have experience in the actual operation of farms, which adds a real pragmatism to their approach with clients over legal or business issues. Magill Earl people also understand that in the Rural sector, success now demands high levels of technological and business sophistication.

Terry Magill has developed a major expertise providing advice on mitigating the effects of farming effluent and assisting clients who breach the law and face potentially heavy fines and other penalties, under the Resource Management Act. If you have any such issue or are at risk, then contact Terry now.

We have many clients in the farming and horse breeding and racing industries. That’s why we have built up an enviable reputation for knowing how to give practical and helpful advice to the Rural sector.

Some examples of the sorts of work we undertake in this major practice area;

  • Buying selling and leasing farms and farmland
  • Subdivision and development of rural land
  • Financing of farms and farming equipment
  • Farm syndication
  • Sharemilking agreements
  • Dairy Company shares
  • Fonterra shares
  • Employment agreements
  • Grazing and cropping agreements
  • Forestry rights agreements
  • Forestry joint ventures
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Resource Management consent application
  • Resource Management Act compliance
  • Overseas Investment Applications