Helping Parties resolve their disputes

Although conflicts and disputes can sometimes end up in the formal processes of arbitration or even Court, we provide dedicated expertise in the practice of Mediation.

Mediation is a confidential dispute resolution process in which an independent, impartial “go-between” helps the parties to resolve their dispute.

The benefits of Mediation can be very significant and include:

  • Time and cost savings;
  • A much less formal structure to the whole process, without the same limitations on evidential rules as might apply in Court;
  • The preservation of a relationship – whether it’s a commercial or family one – which would otherwise be permanently damaged or even destroyed.

In both civil and family law matters, we place a strong emphasis on fostering open communication and understanding between disputing parties. We do this by facilitating constructive dialogue, identifying common ground and guiding clients toward mutually beneficial agreements.

While all our lawyers are able to assist in a mediation, one of our Directors, Marja Meeter, has taken the additional step to achieve accreditation from the Resolution Institute. She is hoping also to gain admission as an Associate of the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of NZ.

Some examples of the sorts of work we undertake in this major practice area;

  • Family issues and disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Company and organizational governance
  • Employment agreements
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